This program will leave you better educated and prepared to add babywearing to your fitness programs

We are the only program that teaches you safe babywearing movements while participating in fitness activities.

3 Benefits of the Baby Wear Fit Advanced Program :

For Your Participants

You will learn how to assess your current program for common risks to both mom and baby during your fitness classes.

For Their Baby's

As a baby's body is still developing, movement can play a big part of their healthy development. We'll show how to keep your instruction clear and your class content safe for baby.

For You

You'll feel much more confident including babywearing in your mom and baby fitness classes with the skills we teach you in the Baby Wear Fit Advanced program.

It's not always easy to know what's safe to do and what's not safe to do while babywearing during fitness activities

We combine proper and safe babywearing information with post-natal health and safety teachings and movement tips and hints.

Do you work with moms who wear their babies?

To ensure you have the most up to date information on post-natal moms, babywearing and moving while babywearing, this is definitely a general-interest program you should take.Being a trusted source for moms & families also means having the best information to help along the way.This program will help you understand movement while wearing, babywearing and the post-natal moms healing body so you can feel confident when those passionate babywearing families need your expertise!

Are you a fitness instructor who teaches fitness or dance to participants who wear their babes?

This program was created JUST FOR YOU!

The ONLY training on the market that teaches you how to move with clients who babywear.
Learn how to instruct and craft your classes for babywearing, while protecting BOTH clients.
Understand the post-natal body, with the added weight of a baby.
Study the ripple effect of movement on the baby being worn.
This is a must-take program if you are currently teaching dance, fitness, or any kind of movement program, babywearing moms.


Safe Babywearing Practices

  • Learn the differences between carrier types
  • Learn benefits and drawbacks to different carrier types
  • Learn proper internationally accepted practices for positioning and wearing


The Post-Natal Moms Health & Wellbeing

  • Learn about common fitness challenges for post partum moms
  • Learn common benefits to mom for wearing her baby
  • Learn major benefits to baby for being worn


Incorporating Babywearing With Movement

  • Learn about common risks in a variety of fitness settings when adding babywearing
  • Learn the "Never Do's" in a fitness class while babywearing
  • Learn from industry experts on where things can go wrong for your moms and their baby's during babywearing


Expert Corner

Dr. Isabel Griffith - Chiropractor with a focus on Women’s health and prenatal /postpartum Chiropractic care.                                                  

"One of the problems with kids and repetitive injury, especially during babywearing, is often times we don’t know when they are injured or hurt because they can’t verbalize it to us."

Samantha Monpetit-Huynh - Originating founder of Core Expectations & Co-Founder of Bellies Inc.

"If you tore your ACL you would be on mandatory 6-8 month protocol of rehab before returning to sport. But you grow and birth a baby and you are given the green light at 6 weeks to return back to normal exercise. That is irresponsible."

Arie Brentnal-Compton - Founder and Trainer for the Canadian Babywearing School                                 

"As a baby becomes fatigued they begin to lose the ability to control their head and neck. What causes fatigue? The stimulation in mom and baby fitness classes! The process for them is exhausting."


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