Learn how to babywear correctly and move safely while babywearing

We are the only program that teaches you safe babywearing movements while participating in fitness activities.

3 Benefits of the Baby Wear Fit Basic Program :

For Mom

There a lot of changes happening in your body after giving birth. You'll know what you should and shouldn't be doing after you've given birth.

For Baby

As a baby's body is still developing, movement can play a big part of their  healthy development. We'll show how to keep your movements safe for your baby.

For The Everyday

You'll feel much more confident including babywearing into your daily living with the skills the skills we teach you in the Baby Wear Fit program.

It’s not always easy to know what is safe to do, while babywearing – not only during every day activities but more importantly, during fitness classes.

Other than the Baby Wear Fit program, there are currently no other tools, training or information available that help a new family understand how to safely incorporate babywearing into their everyday activities.

Unfortunately most fitness instructors who teach babywearing fitness classes in your area do not have proper training. Most Fitness instructors only have basic fitness training – many who currently teach and mom and baby fitness classes do not even have their Postnatal Fitness instructor training (which is a scary enough thought!) let alone proper babywearing education.

There's a difference between being a Certified Fitness Instructor and a Certified Fitness Instructor who knows how to teach babywearing fitness classes.

Most Babywearing Educators do not have the hands on skills or the training to help you understand what comes after they help you select the best carrier and help you use it well. Selecting the right carrier for you and wearing it properly is only the FIRST HALF of the babywearing dynamic. What happens next, when you need to move and get things done?

Most Babywearing Groups online do not have trained Babywearing Educators running and coaching new families within their group. They are people who are super passionate about babywearing and they are a great place to try out new carriers, but they have a hobby.

No parent chooses to put their little one in harms way, but some of the exercises that parents perform while babywearing puts their little one at risk of injury for both the short and long term

So where does that leave a new family who is curious about babywearing?

Like most things in life, to do their own research and to ensure they understand themselves.

We have made sure the Baby Wear Fit Basic program, not only teaches you the basics about carrier styles, different ways to wear a carrier, but we also give you the tools and knowledge to be able to protect your postpartum body and your baby’s developing body.


Key Baby Carrier Teachings

  • Learn the differences between carrier types
  • Learn benefits and drawbacks to different carrier types
  • Learn how to move whether in the everyday or in a fitness class setting in a manner that is healthy and supportive for both you and your baby


Babywearing Benefits For You

  • Learn all the reasons why babywearing is beneficial for you
  • Learn through video and print teachings how to incorporate safety into your everyday


Babywearing Benefits For Your Baby

  • Learn all of the benefits in babywearing for growth and development for your baby
  • Learn from industry experts on where things can go wrong for your baby during babywearing


Expert Corner

Dr. Isabel Griffith - Chiropractor with a focus on Women’s health and prenatal /postpartum Chiropractic care.                                                  

"An infant of any age does not have the muscle coordination nor the instincts to brace for any kind of rapid movement or impactful movements.."

Samantha Monpetit-Huynh - Originating founder of Core Expectations & Co-Founder of Bellies Inc.

"Leaking urine is common, but it is not normal. It is a cry from your pelvic floor that something is off."

Arie Brentnal-Compton - Founder and Trainer for the Canadian Babywearing School                            

"Remember when your baby is forward facing, it breaks one of the cardinal rules of babywearing – baby must always be visible and kissable."


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